Welcome to Southern Patriot… Here you can learn how to build your own Water Ram Pump.


Learn how to build a 1 1/4 ” Ram Pump, capable of pumping over 1,000 gallons of water per day.

1 1/4″ Ram Pump – Parts List


a) 1-¼“ gate valve (threaded), brass (x1)

b) 1-¼“ nipple (1 ½” length), steel (x6)

c) 1-¼“ union (threaded), steel (x1)

d) 1-¼” tee (threaded), steel (x2)

e) 1-¼“ brass swing check valve (threaded) (x1)

f) 1-¼“ brass spring check valve (threaded) (x1)


g) PVC Pressure Chamber:

i) 1-¼“ to 2” PVC bushing (threaded on 1-¼“ end) (x1)

ii) 2” to 3” PVC coupling (x1)

iii) 3” x 36” PVC pipe (x1)

iv) 3” PVC glue cap (x1)

v) Pool noodle (x1)


h) 1-¼“ x ¾” bushing (threaded), steel/brass (x1)

i) ¾” 90 degree elbow, steel/brass (x1)

j) ¾” tee (threaded), steel (x1)

k) ¾” x ¼” bushing, brass (x1)

l) Pressure gauge, 100 PSI (recommend liquid filled) (x1)

m) ¾” nipple (1 ½” length), steel (x4)

n) ¾” union (threaded), steel (x1)

o) ¾” gate valve (threaded), brass (x1)


Note: PVC primer/cement, and Teflon tape required for assembly



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